Architectural Aluminium

Congratulations on deciding to use aluminium on your windows and doors.

Aluminium that has been anodized (metallic looking) or powder coated in the colour of your choice, has a long and durable life and if the following simple steps are followed, you will get the maximum benefit from your investment.

Regular washing is the key to looking smart.

To maintain the good looks of your aluminium doors and windows, give a good wash at regular intervals, and not just the parts exposed to the weather. Looking after your windows and doors is the same as looking after your new car – regular washing keeps your investment in a resalable condition.

Cleaning Intervals:

EnvironmentDescriptionCleaning Intervals
MildMore than 10Km from beachfrontEvery 3 months
Moderate5 – 10Km from beachfrontEvery month
Marine / Coastal500m to 5Km from beachfrontEvery week
Severe Marine / CoastalWithin 500m of beachfrontEvery 3 days


  1. Beachfront refers to breaking surf airborne moisture.
  2. Fresh water lakes are not considered high risk areas.
  3. Heavy industrial areas can be considered marine environments.
  4. The recommended maintenance intervals provided here are for general guidance.
  5. Local environment conditions may vary.

For washing it is recommended that you use a warm dilute solution of mild PH liquid hand wash detergent or your favourite car wash detergent. Use a soft window washing brush with soft bristles or a soft cloth and ensure after washing the aluminium is well rinsed off. Drying off with a chamois is recommended.

General Tips:

  • Strong solvents or strong cleaner concentrates can cause damage to painted surfaces.
  • Avoid abrasive cleaners (Handy Andy) on painted surfaces.
  • Do not use paint removers, aggressive alkaline or acids to clean. If in doubt try a small non visible area to test.
  • Never use steel wool or abrasive brushes or pads.
  • Over cleaning or excessive rubbing can do more harm than good.
  • Avoid temperature extremes when cleaning. If atmospheric pollution has resulted in the soiling of the coating then nothing harsher than white spirits should be used.
  • When painting surrounds, please ensure the window / door frames are completely sealed with plastic and low tack adhesive tape to stop paint spotting.

Letter of Guarantee – Extrusion

This letter serves to confirm that we guarantee our extrusions for 15 years under normal use and correct maintenance. The warranty becomes invalid if:

  • Any defects arise from, or damage is caused, by unfair wear and tear, wilful damage, negligence, tampering, abnormal working conditions, unnatural weather conditions (tornadoes. floods, etc) Failure to follow instructions (oral or written), or misuse.
  • The end product has not been manufactured to industry norms and is inadequately sealed with neutral – oxime silicone.
  • Raw faces or burrs are exposed to the elements.
  • Defects arise from damage caused during installations, alterations or repairs.
  • Product not installed by a trained / qualified installer.
  • Regular cleaning and maintenance of the product as per our care instructions has not been carried out.

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